The Evolution of Card Printer Datacard to Entrust

วิวัฒนาการของเครื่องพิมพ์บัตร Datacard to Entrust

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Datacard is an information security provider and manufacturer of plastic card printers. Which is popular and widely used around the world. with a modern looking card printer design Operations that are designed to be easy to understand and not complicated. There is a system in the back of the house that allows administrators to manage the settings within the board themselves. The firmware of the device is always updated. and never stops developing, moving along with the spinning world

Over time, Datacard with its SD Series & SD Series card printers created the Entrust team to oversee and manage software developments that tend to move the world into the digital age. Therefore, the name was changed to “Entrust Datacard” along with the launch of CD Series card printers and the launch of a card printing program that works through a Web based browser called “TruCredential” which will replace the original program (ID Work Intro).

As the year 2020 enters, the world has entered a fully digital age. Many people access information on the Internet. Consumer behavior has changed. There has been an increase in the use of digital currencies. cashless society People can pay their bills through their mobile phones. To keep up with the changing world, Entrust Datacard re-named “ENTRUST” and launched the Visual Card printing system. Cloud-based card printing program called Adaptive Issuance Instand ID and the newest card printer, SIGMA, that have all the features that meet every need. I will begin to describe each model that has been released in each model that ENTRUST has in the past which card printer models have. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each model?

Card Printer SP Series

Datacard’s first family of SP Series card printers released. The material is durable. The case is made of flexible and strong plastic. Devices within the device have a very long service life. Average life span 8 – 10 years. The maximum supported operating system is Window XP. The cleaner is separate from the ribbon. The connection system supports only USB only. Internal configuration requires an additional application to edit the board’s settings.

Card Printer SP25,SP35 and SP35plus
The printer has only one side. Supports primary color printing, black, matte, supports Re-writeable card(SP25) printing. There is a light indicating the status of the machine.

SP55 Card Printer
The basic functions are the same as the previous version. In addition, it can print on 2 sides, can read/Write chip and Encoding magnetic stripe.

SP75 Card Printer
The basic functions are the same as the SP55, but with a Module Laminator for coating special materials up to 2 layers.

SD Series Card Printers

SD Series card printer is a model that has been developed from the SP family. The design has been modified to look more contemporary. All models will have an LCD display that can report symptoms as a Code to make it easier for users to understand where the problem is. There is an alert system when the ribbon is lower than the specified threshold, the ribbon symbol on the display. will signal There’s also a card notification icon if we forget to insert a card or forget to clean the printer when it’s time to turn around. based mainly on the number of prints There are ventilation holes around the machine waiting to support continuous use. Makes it possible to run the machine all day. There is a LAN cable for connecting to the network to make it easier to use if you want to use the machine at the same time. There is an additional option for expanding the card tray up to 200 cards, supporting the latest operating systems, Window10, which can be easily adjusted on the board through the browser through the IP address that is assigned to the device and the highlight point for this model. It supports 300x600dpi color printing and 300x1200dpi black printing.

SD260 card printer
It is the most used model in Thailand among all Datacard printers. The card printer can print one side at a time. There is a display can be preset on the board. The cleaning system can be ordered to work through the front push button. Support Barcode QRcode printing, support for black, matte, primitive printing, firmware update via add-on program. The device even has a lot of ventilation holes. But the machine is still durable Plastic is also several times tougher than ordinary plastic. Easy to replace Spare parts are available in case of card printer problems.

SD360 card printer
More functions like SD260 model, can print on both sides. can print chip cards There is a reject port for separating the good and bad cards.

Card Printer SD460
Functions like the SD360, additionally, Module Laminator can be coated with 2 additional layers. There is also a Module Impresser Tactile that can emboss various logos depending on the mold that is made to order. Card accepting and rejecting slots can support more cards.

CD Series Card Printer

เครื่องพิมพ์บัตร CD Series

CD Series card printers are an evolution of the SD Series. They look almost identical on the outside, internal rubber balls, display, access tray, and replacement parts from previous models. It seems that only the color of the device has changed. But actually this model was created to increase the efficiency of the work inside the machine. Various operating systems within the device are new technologies. Allows the machine to initialize, transfer data better than before. Simply put, CD is a new upgraded SD board. To be able to work through various operating systems more smoothly

CD800 card printer
It is the 2nd most popular model because it is a new generation equivalent to the most popular SD260. All functions are identical to the SD260, but the CD800 model can choose whether you want single-side or dual-side printing. The machine can be upgraded from single-sided to two-sided if desired. use No need to buy a new device like the SD family that can’t be upgraded. It also supports Encode Magnetic, Chip.

CD800 Multihopper Card Printer
It is a unique card printer that has 6 card slots and can accommodate up to 600 cards!!! Able to distinguish different types of cards It facilitates the convenience of not having to change cards back and forth when there are many types of cards. Functionality, besides the card entry slot, has the same capabilities as the CD800 in all respects.

CD800 Laminator Card Printer
It is a model that adds Module Laminator at the bottom of the machine. To add two more layers of laminating capability, both the CD800 and CD800 Laminator can be upgraded to this model by mounting it on the top for printing as needed before re-lamination.

SIGMA Series Card Printers

The SIGMA Series of card printers is a model that brings together the advantages of each model. The machine has a modern design that is very desk-friendly. with a smooth design at the top of the machine Various devices can be placed on the machine, saving space if placed on the desk. There are LED lamps that can change the color as desired to get the colors that users like and match the theme of the organization. There is a display that displays better than ever because QRCode allows users to quickly understand how to solve the problem. USB Connection has been changed to Type-C, making printing faster without delay. There is a print head protection device when not in use to help the print head last longer Support work via WIFI and Cloud

SIGMA DS2 card printer
The machine is white-purple. Can choose whether to print one side or two sides. Support Encode Magnetic, Encode Chip can be upgraded only in the machine.

SIGMA DS3 card printer
The machine is black-grey. Support duplex printing Many accessories can be added as needed. Support for upgrading with Module both internally and externally

Module Tactile
Bring it to the back of the machine. to print symbols or logos with special materials Help differentiate your card. difficult to imitate

Module Laminator
Bring it to the bottom of the machine. To repeat the coating 2 more layers with special coating material.

Module Tactile Impressor
It is in the Module Laminator, acting as a card pump. to have a convex appearance which the pump will depend on the mold ordered

Module Mutihopper
It’s on the front of the card printer. Increase the number of card slots to 6 slots.

Module Embosser
Located at the bottom of the card printer Can print letters and numbers to be embossed from the card.

How are you with all the card printers from Datacard to Entrust that I have been told? Some of you may have used some. And there must be one model that comes to mind that this card printer will definitely meet our needs.

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